Deal or no deal


just tryed to back up deal or no deal with shrink dvd and clone dvd, It says theres not enough space on the disc. I have also been told that it wont work useing a dual layer disc is this true??. As anyone successfully backed it up and had it working if so how did you do it???

First i used any dvd and this showed up several types of protection being used, i then used clone dvd to create a copy but this failed on the decrypt, so i tried dvd decrypter and this decrypted the dvd without any problems, so i then tried to burn a dvd dl+ using ashampoo dvd software, this failed however when i wrote to a image file instead this succeeded. i was then able to play the game using deamon tools.

wish i had more dl+ disca so i could burn the image file and try in dvd player!

let me know how you get on