Deal on Sony DRU-820A from Staples (U.S. B&M only, YMMV)

Here’s a deal on the Sony DRU-820A, aka BenQ DW-1670, that I was able to accomplish without too much problems. Right now, Best Buy online is selling the drive for $69.99 found here. Now, Staples normally sells it for $99.99. So print the page out from Best Buy and get a price match at Staples. If you get the 110% guarantee, you could get the drive for $99.99 - $33 = $66.99. I only got a 100% guarantee, so it was still $69.99. Next, grab either 1) Sharpie markers or 2) Expo dry-erase markers to be 1) $66.99 ($69.99) + $12.99 = $79.98 ($82.98) or 2) $66.99 ($69.99) + $8.99 = $75.98 ($78.98). Then, use the $20 off $75 coupon here (credit goes to MissLeading on Slickdeals) to save another $20. There’s a $20 mail-in rebate for the Sony drive and a $12.99 or $8.99 Staples Easy Rebate to submit. Since the markers are free after rebate, this would make the Sony drive roughly $30 before taxes.

I tried it and got myself a 1670 for ~$30. :slight_smile: FYI, make sure to print the coupon wallet size to ensure the barcode would scan. It’s a multiple-use coupon, not one-time.

Now I know there are many who don’t like dealing with rebates, but for those who don’t mind, here’s another opportunity. Again, YMMV.

ok ktl:
how many flippin burners u holdin now ? i am so tempted to jump on this, but i’m almost at double digits now (number of burners), some are sittin in boxes.

Uh…going by my signature, 10 DVD burners and 1 CD burner. But one of the DVD burners is going to my friend’s new computer system, once he buys the motherboard and processor. I know many people are not fond of the Panasonic chipset, but I like diversity. :slight_smile: BTW, the drive has UDMA-4 support, and I hope to test it via 1394 soon.

Where is the 20.00 coupon and the others.

The coupon link is posted in the first thread. All the links should be good.