Deal on Memorex Dual Layer at CompUSA/Staples

Okay. All you freaky people who are state side and are just itching for some dual layer media to mess around with but don’ want to blow & to 10 bucks a disk…then here ya go…

CompUSA is offering a 3 pack of Memorex 2.4x +R dual layer discks for $9.99…alright so that not cheap but by dual layer standards it ain’t to bad.

Link to CompUSA

This disks appear to be RitekD01 (according to

If you have a Staples near by…you can print that web page out and go there and get them to price match it. Staples currently sells this item for $29.99 so with a 110% pricematch - your final cost is $7.99 a 3pack.

Not shabby for dual layer…easy pricematch too…just did it tonight, no problem.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Good deal, but my burner hates these disks. Good luck using them. I’ll stick with Verbatim DVDs.

Tell me about it. IMHO the Ritek D/L media has recieved so many mixed reviews that unless they were 30 cents a peice I wouldn’t bother with them. I will pay the extra money to save the headache, not to mention the ability to burn them at 6x vs. 2.4x. :wink: As for $10 a pop, I realize you were exaggerating but you can get a 3 pack of Verbatim D/L DVD+R discs for $20 shipped from That is still significantly more than the Memorex (Ritek) discs but as mentioned above, you get what you pay for. :wink:

Well now that I have looked through the different posts…

It seems that using my NEC with Liggy_Dees firmware is probably my best bet. I’ll try to post a quality scan this evening.

Yup, that combo seems to really be the only one that really gets along well with the Ritek D/L media.

i posted this a while ago, bb has the 10 pack or verbatim dl for $59.99. so for 6 bucks a disc, no rebates, not xactly cheap, but easy.

Staples only price match the competators, they only guarantee 110% price match if it is an office supply store. Since CompUSA is not an office supply, they will only price match it, so it is still $9.99. So dont bother to go to Staples for 110% price guaranteed.

Hmmm… that’s interesting…they gave me a 110% pricematch…

Can’t find any mention of that in their policy either…

Staples pricematch policy

I bought a pack today at Staples on a price match. The ones I got are Riteks.
My Plextor 716A burned one at 4x, and here is the scan. It’s not as good as I get on the Verbatims, but plenty good enough for a movie.