Deal of the day: VSO Video Converter



On special freebie via softpedia, not sure how long for…


I posted in the catbox but I’m posting here also.
Thanks Matth I DLed , installed , A registered it.
To make it work you need to remove the CD that’s $9.99 from the shopping cart list.
Then it will “Continue” without a credit card.
The key is also very long so make sure you copy all of it.


You still need AnyDVD HD to use it.


[QUOTE=alan1476;2749570]You still need AnyDVD HD to use it.[/QUOTE]

Only if the “Source” is encrypted .


[QUOTE=cholla;2749574]Only if the “Source” is encrypted .[/QUOTE]
Very true.:bow:


This is a little off topic but how many remember this one .
I haven’t used it for a long time but I used to.
DIVX to DVD by VSO .