Deal for anyone who needs Internal Blu Ray Drive

Offering a Panasonic SW-5584 drive + 200 4x Ritek (Mega Media) BD-Rs for $798 w/ Free Ship. If you figure $250 for the drive, then the 4x discs end up being $2.74 each.
Pretty good deal for getting up and running with Blu Ray.

Either way, that’s a ton of money to be dropped at once. :eek:

[QUOTE=Jesterrace;2294386]Either way, that’s a ton of money to be dropped at once. :eek:[/QUOTE]

exactly… it’s just not even remotely close to worth it for the average joe yet… that ‘deal’ is still only for the rich. lol

thanks anyways to the OP though :wink:

If you expect to do a lot of Blu-ray disc duplication or need this to create home recordings on Blu-ray disc, this seems quite reasonable if you can afford paying this price upfront

However, for backing up data, it still works out more expensive per Gigabyte than hard disk, not to mention that if you do need that many Blu-ray discs to backup your data, you’ll be spending a long time at the PC with backing up & verification to each individual disc. . .

200 x single layer BD-R’s = 5TB of storage. For comparison, a 1TB external HDD can be easily got for ~$100, so to back up 5TB, you’ll need 5 of these, which gives a total of $500. For a little more, you can build your own home server with 6 x 1TB HDDs in RAID5 to protect against HDD failure and have direct access to any file in the resulting 5TB volume.