Deadwood - Season 3, Discs 1, 4 & 5 (DiscType: PTP) - layer break writing problems

I’m using using ImgBurn v2.3.2.0 (configured as: Interface: ‘ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes’ ) in conjunction with AnyDVD (updated 05AUG07 to version to Read these titles as MDS/ISO file pairs to my HDD, then am attempting to Write the MDS (/ISO) file (pair) to Verbatim DL+R writable discs.

I am getting an ImgBurn error dialog: ‘Optimal L1 Data Zone Start LBA: None Found! (VTS_01)’ … apparently, this is because the original disc types are PTP and PTP type discs present layer break problems when writing the MDS (/ISO) file (pair) to DL+R writable discs … so I have been told by Lightning UK and others over at the ImgBurn Support Forum.

What would be the best strategy to employ to overcome this PTP layer break writing issue? In the past, I always found writing DL+R discs using ImgBurn to be a straightforward process … this is something else again.


Since you already own Anydvd have you tried to use clonecd or clonedvd and see what the results are?

coolcolors … am trying CloneCD beta now … so far so good … have yet to view the burned disc … thanks for your help on this …


… well … one sample disc I’ve burned with CloneCD seems to work fine … doesn’t hang midway thru playback where the previous one did … thanks so much for the help with this.


NP. But did you make sure on DL media you didn’t burn at max speed rather turn down the burn speed to decrease write errors? Also don’t multitask when your burning cause this is memory, CPU, HDD, and GPU(maybe) intensive applications. This I found out turns out DL media that is more or less free of burn errors compared to the originals. Also make sure no antivirus or firewall interfers with the Anydvd, CloneCD, and or CloneDVD process.

coolcolors … yes, I adhere to that thinking already, absolute min. apps running in systray, network isolated and 1X burn speed …

I do also follow those rules as well cause DL media tend to be expensive when your making coasters…even +R can drain your wallet fast as well. But good to hear you have good burn ethics. Well, hopefully your futures burns will run good and last a long time keeping the originals in good shape in case the duplicate goes bad or breaks on you. This is the man reason I would rarely use my originals to play. The media is inexpensive to buy rather then having to buy the movie again.