the recorded cd-r partially recorded that don't work, they can be recovered in some manner or have they died forever?


uh? ??

weird question grammatically, if i think right you mean that you’ve written a cd, got a coaster and try to recover from it or so?

if its that, no you can’t i thought there was something with packet writitng recovery but witht that you are nothing i guess, just burn it again, on a lower speed


i’m writing a 60minute audiocd
things go wrong and stops at 40%
can i use the remaining cd for something
like datacd …or it’s just good for fresby?


it all depands on what is written in the table of contents…if the leadin and lead out already is written, then the answer is no …


in a data cd you can finalise the cd and a working audio cd with the first 40% of the songs

but i don’t think you can use it as a data cd