Dead-to anyone who cares bigmike7 died last night after a long illnessI never meet mike but have known him for ages

Dead-to anyone who cares bigmike7 died last night after a long illnessI never meet mike but have known him for ages
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Thanks for letting us know marloyd.

I’m very sad to hear this news.

Sad to hear that Mike has passed on but glad to have known him here on the forums, May he rest in peace.

I knew some of you would liked to know he had been sick for quite a long time,he had moved to sunny Cal and enjoying life

I’m very sorry to hear this. Damn. I always enjoyed his posts here on the forum and in the catbox.

Very sad.


I’m more than a bit sad to hear that.

Thanks for passing the news on.

I too am sorry to hear this news. I always enjoyed his input to the forums here and I hope he is living large in the after life.

I’m very sad to hear about this too. He was a real character…he could be as gruff as hell but he had a heart of gold

Very sad to hear this.

Was sorry to hear this. Very sad indeed. :sad:

Anyone care to share a favorite memory of BigMike?

Nearly nine years ago now, I wrote a script for a “CDFreaks Movie”, with BigMike as the hero. I loved his reaction in the catbox when I gave him a Deano tattoo in the story. :bigsmile: He was a great sport about the whole thing, even though I was poking fun at him quite a lot.

RIP Mike.

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I remember that he was the reason that I needed to re-write one review, thinking about it know, I have to say that he was 120% correct.

well it looks like cdfreaks is as messed up as ever its weening us old guys out .i spent an hour and still haven’t figured any thing out.I remember the ribbing he got from the throng stealingthan some one posted the guys in thongs he took itt great he even joked about it.

I am very sad to hear of bigmike’s passing.
He was always kind to me and I will miss his humour and humanity.
May he rest in peace.

Sorry for the late reply on this as I’ve been in hospital.

I’m really shocked about him passing away, because we communicate in pretty much only characters here, and some of us have been here for so long, some of you seem as immortals to me.

But unfortunately, especially for your loved ones, that isn’t true.

All I can do is send over my condolences to everyone close to him. I think we should also give him a special title/avatar to reflect our respect for him, anyone with ideas?

Special title: Master of Thongs, or possibly CDFreaks Thong Conoisseur.


So very sorry to read this. :frowning:

Rest in peace Bigmike7.

One of a kind and definitely developed a liking for thongs which did lead to some really good pics but, also some clean your eyes with bleach pics. I hope they got some Salad Cream on the other side for you bigmike, R.I.P.

RIP Big Mike. He was a nice man, I didnt know him personally but I felt like I did. His passing is a reminder of how lucky we all are to wake up every day.

RIP bigmike7