Dead TDK 4800B (LTR-48246S)?

I just tried erasing an older semi-scratched cd-rw and got nothing but write errors and power calibration errors. At that point, it seemed to stop recognizing any discs whatsoever. It’s been flashed to the latest (6S0D) firmware. I tried it on another machine (w/ a separate IDE cable) and got the same results. The lights on the front of the unit flash for about 10 seconds upon disc insertion and then it goes blank without the disc ever spinning up. Windows detects no problems with the drive…it only shows the drive as empty. I flashed it to a Lite-on many many months ago (last year most likely) and have had no problems until now. Putting my ear to the drive, I can hear some limited activity but never a full spin-up. The unit is most likely no longer covered by warranty (manufactured in Aug. 2002). Is it as good as dead or should I try re-flashing it for the sake of experimentation? I really didn’t put it through much use in the year+ I had it. Any other suggestions?

PS. I forgot to mention I had it overclocked to the LTR-52246S for a few months and I burned, at most, 20-30 discs while using the firmware. I realized the benefits weren’t worth it earlier this year so I returned to the appropriate firmware. In the meantime, it’s back to my trusty ole Yamaha 4416E.:rolleyes:

I can’t see that re-flashing would hurt anything, but I doubt it would help. In any case, I think it’s worth a try, as the drive doesn’t work anyway.

Thanks for the response.

Well, I reflashed it again w/ the most recent firmware (SSOE), and sure enough, no dice. If only Yamaha was still in the market, I’d snatch up one of their units (my 4416E still managed a successful burn after all these years). :frowning:

I also own the Lite-On LTD-163D which has thus far worked flawlessly (manuf. Jan 2002) so maybe I’ll give Lite-On one more chance.:confused:

Well, I’d certainly recommend another Lite-On! I’ve bought six Lite-On CD-RW drives from various sources over the years, and not one has been defective.