I own a VGN-A317M Sony VAIO notebook.

The optical drive is a SONY DVD RW DW-D56A, which had worked flawlessly under Windows for about one year. Initially, I also performed the official firmware upgrade from PFS2 to PFS3.

A couple of days ago I tried to record a DVD-R under Linux, with K3b/cdrecord (this was the first time, I guess).

The drive simply stopped to work, under any OS. It only ejects the tray under software control.

I have re-flashed it with PFS2 and PFS3, both with the official tool, DFreaks Liteon tool and mtkflash, but to no avail. The drive does not even spin at boot time, if loaded with a boot disk.

Any advice? Thanks a lot in advance to everyone.

Well, I should add that I’d like to understand at least whether CDrecord could damage the drive to the point that the motor does not even start.

If not, I might hope that the ribbon with the power lines is simply disconnected…

Thanks again everyone.

No CDrecord can’t damage your drive. I had 3 Sony’s die just a few weeks after the 12 months warranty was up and one of them was only used about 10 times! Would never ever buy a Sony again. The only drives ever to die on me were Sony drives, The Lite-On and Aopen drives I have are over 5 years old they have done a lot of work and being used just about every day and still going strong, for some reason it’s only the Sony ones that die. Yes It could be just something like a disconnected power ribbon. But my guess is it just died.

I use a laptop with the Sony RW DW-D56A. I discovered that this is actually a rebadged LiteOn SOSW-852S.

If it’s the same drive sold under a different name, how can the LiteOn be said to more reliable than the Sony?

Just wondering…

Because of the better support and firmware…

I have been asking the same question as well !!! Lite-On gives a 2 years Warranty on there drives and Sony only gives 1 year.I been trying to work that one out as well???

When the last Sony died it was just the week out of Warranty and that drive was a replacement for another one that only lasted 2 months, I thought it was still under Warranty because it was less than a year old but because it was a replacement drive for another one the Warranty started from the time the first drive was brought so for the replacement drive the warranty still started from the time the original drive was brought and was only 10 months. That’s some thing I didn’t know and thought if a drive is replaced the replacement drive is still cover under the full 12 months warranty. I only found out after I tried to have the dead drive replaced.

So If you buy a Sony and it dies after 11 months the replacement drive only has 1 month Warranty. Well that’s Sony for you!!!

Well, thanks everyone. So having used CDRecord when the drive died must habeen a coincidence.