Dead ripped CD files in hard drive - help



Yesterday I ripped a CD using EAC and flac. It is in my C drive appearing as a Media Centre file but I am unable to do anything with it and it is not detected by Media Centre either in the audio tree or the C drive seen via MC. After backing up this folder I was informed while trying to work with the backups that the file name was too long … suspected as much. I don’t seem to be able to rename the files on the computer’s internal HD although I have been able to do this in the USB hard drive copy. I have not been able to delete them from the C drive.
Can someone please suggest a way forward.


The file name was too long. I tried several fixes found on the internet but for several files there seemed no other choice: I empted the folder of all other things and deleted the folder and re-ripped the CD after cutting back on the naming string in EAC.