Dead PC parts!



After posting my first message of the day (to Debro’s toothbrushing thread), my keyboard - which I’ve had since the late 90s - curled up it’s toes and died on me.

I had to rush next door (I know they have two PCs) and borrow one. Ironic thing is, I was looking at keyboards in Maplin’s the other day :rolleyes:

Soooo. This begs the question - what was the last thing in or attached to your PC that went South on you?



my keyboard… a week ago :doh:


Drive 2 on a RAID 0 setup.
I did a final backup when I started seeing signs of trouble so no loss of data occured.


Hi :slight_smile:
I tend not to keep anything long enough, So the only things that affect me, is DOA or damaged in transit.


cough ritek media


That’s not a PC part or peripheral :p…amusing, though :bigsmile:


by the looks of things my Pioneer DVR 108 in External enclosure though i may check it in my computer in case its the enclosure.


I lost two keyboards (the expensive kind) Spilling beer on them :doh:
Oh not to forget my Plextor 712. CD part still works.
Now Alan has given me the system upgrade bug. Mobo, cpu, video card. Gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Hi :slight_smile:
That’s one way to go from pissed up to pissed off. :doh:


Why do we do the things we do LOL

ps:Arachne 1990’s :confused: did you use all 26 keys :bigsmile:


I had a new GFX card 6800GT that whent DEAD 6-7 months ago
got a new one on the guarantee since it was not a year old … they could`t get me a 6800GT 256MB … so they gave me a 68ooGTX 512MB SE Retail pack … !!! WOW I just sayed … and he then just replayed … "yeah it would have taken us at least 2 weeks to get 256Mb version of the card so , asus and we was nice this time :smiley: " hehe the retail had a webcam and a VIVO output to HAHA man thats just sweet.


LOL! It was part of a PC I inherited from my then-boyfriend…I got rather fond of it, so never felt the need to swap it out.

I’ll tell you how old it is - the jack on the end needs an adapter to plug into a regular small PS/2 socket. :bigsmile:


Printers are always my problem. I didn’t have my Epson 830 very long (long enough to be out of warranty though!) before it went t!ts up. It may have been the compatible inks, I don’t know but it just wont print properly.

That’s now in the big PC scrapyard in the sky (my loft)

Just recently I started to use a Lexmark X1180 that I got ‘free’ with a laptop last year.
After printing no more than 5 pages, it just stopped working.

The fuse in the plug is okay but the power light on the device wont come on. All the troubleshooter in the manual says is, ‘If the power light wont come on, check the plug’ !!

Marvellous, a two year old child could have worked that one out. Well written Lexmark :disagree:

So, the Lexmark has prematurely gone the journey.

Looking for another printer now. I just don’t have any luck with them


lexmark printers, about 3 of them, but all replaced by warrenty :wink:


ended up buying an Epson, no trouble since :smiley:


lol - Sorry but how does a keyboard DIE on you ? :smiley: What did you do to the poor keyboard ? :slight_smile: Spill anything ?

I had to rush next door (I know they have two PCs) and borrow one. Ironic thing is, I was looking at keyboards in Maplin’s the other day :rolleyes:

Ahh! Destiny - You are destined for a new keyboard, that’s all fixed! :slight_smile:

Soooo. This begs the question - what was the last thing in or attached to your PC that went South on you?


Ok I’m tempted to make a really twisted down the gutter comment but I’ll pass :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hmm let me see now, it’s a tough question becase I build my own PCs and they last long :smiley: I usually upgrade long before something happens.

Nothing really died on me, the last I can remember was way back when I had my 8x CD-Writer it was an ACER and it stopped working, (it was only 6 months old) :smiley:


Hahahaha…honestly - one minute it was working, the next, it wasn’t. Unplugged it, plugged it back in - you name it, I tried it. Nothing!

And yep, getting a brand spanking new one on Tuesday. :slight_smile:

I know exactly what “gutter comment” you were about to make :bigsmile:

Epson printers…my old one (a Stylus Color 740) had 6 years on it before it started clunking, and stopped working. So far (year and a half?), my Photo 830 is doing fine. Yes, even with compats. :slight_smile:


Mine prints but terrible quality, and the head cleaning prog doesn’t help. Any ideas??


Hmm, been a while (touch wood nothing blows whilst I write this post), but the last thing to go, as far as I can remember, was my old Philips CD-RW drive. Was just configuring EAC, put an Audio CD into it, and suddenly…VRROOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM…BANG! Got the disc out via the manual eject hole, thankfully it was OK (just bought the CD, I would not have been happy if it had been damaged). The drive never worked after, I’m fairly sure the motor exploded or something like that (I have saved it, so I might tear it apart for a proper post-mortem).

EDIT: Ahem…CD Freaks Die Hard??? I was a CD Freak not so long ago…WTF?


Define “terrible quality”. Last week, mine was acting like it needed a clean (you know, stripes across pics etc)…no amount of head cleaning would sort it out. In the end, I thought, Sod this, took out the (still half full) cartridges, replaced both with fresh, and voila! Perfect prints.

As I say, I had to sacrifice too still-half-full cartridges, though.

LOL @ Chriso - your Philips story still makes me giggle. It’s the way you tell 'em…:bigsmile:

As for your status, check out Tax’s announcement in the Game’s Up forum :wink:


If you print mainly in black and white, then a laser is the best choice