Dead or dying optical discs



Here’s your chance to post your dearly departed optical media.

This one is the result of cat pee on a Taiyo Yuden cd. Apparently cat pee is extremely destructive.


Ah, I’d recommend storing them with some catnip in future. :slight_smile:



I got this CD by Louise Tucker - Midnight Blue-The Best of {SilenZ Records} (1990)
Never seen it before!
The CD fails at around the same time in most CD/DVD drives, but not at exactly the same time… I think I have found the reason…

The CD appears rather ‘grey’ when compared to other originals and it seems that the reflection layer drops below threshold causing the read to fail at around 3 minutes. There are no defects to be spotted even at high magnification (50x).

I have ripped it to FLAC years ago and have her studio catalog in pristine condition even though the oldest CD is from 1989. No harm done in other words, but departing an original… hmm reluctance shines all over my halo :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody else experienced this with old originals?