Dead Optorite DD0201 after f/ware upgrade

My Optorite DD0201 DVD burner would write to a DVD+RW ok, but would fail on DVD-R, it would fail when doing the Lead-in & burn about 1/3 on a dvd-r before it quit with lead-in error with Nero
I tried to quick erase a DVD-RW & come up with Power Calibration error at the end.
I tried to upgrade the firmware to 2.60 from 2.17, it failed with WinXP Error(send report to Micro$oft), also tried Dvflash.exe in dos, it also failed, the tray won’t open & does not come up in the BIOS either.
The drive is a replacement for a Optorite DD0203 that now out of warrantity. :sad:

can anyone help me revive this drive?

Try emailing optorite support requesting a tool to recover misflashed drives in DOS. They sent one out for the DD0401…

Optorite sent me the Dos flasher & 260E.bin firmware & change jumpers on the back, but mine didn’t have any jumper installed but I tried it & the dos flasher couldn’t find my drive.
The email from Optorite:
"Unfortunately, there is no recovery tool available for a bad firmware flash. Try this:

A. There is a “Factory Use Only” jumper on the back of the drive. Move the jumpers from the last jumper setup to the second to last jumper.
In other words, do this:

Use Only

: : : : :
___ ^
---- |
---- set the jumper to this position."

I tried the DD0401 recovery tool but change the bat file to the firmware of the DD0201, it started with ‘Flash Programming Start.’ & that was it, let it run for an hour or so but didn’t do anything.
The drive is still dead. :sad:
edit: pointing at wrong pins

My optorite dd0201 is dead also . The computer won’t recognize it. Says its a usb mass storage unit. Help? :frowning:

Sorry to revive this thread.

I flashed my DD0201 with this ( patched firmware, but now when I try to watch a DVD, it states that it is not formatted for this region.

Can someone send me or link me to the 2.60 firmware for this drive so that I may flash the old (working) version back on? Optorite seems to be defunct, so their website is dead.


this problem is probably software related. You have flashed RPC1 firmware, so your drive is region free. Some DVD playback software complains about that and refuses to work. Great, isn’t it?
Please try VLC or Media Player Classic and see if that works. Also browse through the software related sections of this forum.