Dead Liteon?

Hey good people. I have a problem with my Liteon LH-20A1S (9L08). It worked fine till yesterday. Been using this burner mostly as a scanner and ripper. The drive is recognized by Windows and also Device Manager. It also shows up in BIOS. If I insert a disc (tried both DVD and CD) the activity light does not blink. It opens and ejects fine. It just will not read a disc. If I go into My Computer while a disc is inserted and right click on drive it asks for a disc to be inserted. I have checked the SATA cable both on the drive and the MoBo and both are ok. It is getting power because it ejects and closes fine. I just flashed to new firmware 9L08 and it took the flash ok but still no read. I also uninstalled the drive from device manager and let windows reinstall. Any insight? My best guess would be dead drive. Any input would be appreciated.

Looks like it is RMA time for it, sounds like the read laser has burned out on it. :sad: