Dead Lite-on Solved!



OC- FREAK thanks loads for developing this...

Just a wee bit of advice for those who have deaded drives, this may be worth a try...

I tried flashing my drive this morning and the MTKFLASH came up with an error. I re-booted my pc and noticed that the light was permanently on. The bios wouldn`t recognise it (tried going in and configuring it).

Eventually I hit upon manually configuring it as a USER defined type (rather than auto detect or cd-rom). I re-booted (took ages) and got a h/d failure but carried on anyway (I take it that there was some sort of IDE/BIOS clash). I then tried flashing again and it seemed to be working (the light was still on but it was showing success). It then asked me to re-boot and I did and I am now the proud owner of a 48x Liteon !!!

So maybe it is not ALWAYS necessary to go to another PC to try again?

Worth a shot for all it takes :cool:

Once again nice work OC- FREAK , but not for the faint-hearted


Interesting. Maybe I’ll try it if any of my burners / DVDs die on me…


Actually I was just wonering about the batch of 16x that were out that kept flashing, drwaer ejecting etc., could have been solved this way? Def strange though…