Dead Lite-on (1673)

I just bought 4 drives 1673’s and one seems to be DOA. I can see it list itself in the bios but the drive string is corrupt and windows wont detect the dirve being there. The light on the drive stays lit all the time. Is there anyway to recover this drive with mtkflash and if so can i get a little assistance.


I’ve saved a drive like that.
Hold down the eject button on startup and then mtkflash by02 or 3 on there.
If its not really dead it will flash on. Try different version of mtkflash and make sure you hold down the eject button on startup (only way i can get mine to flash)

when you say mtkflash by02 is the by02 referring to firmware. I tried using this tool for a minute with no sucess can you post a the command line options to flash port 4 (secondary slave)

REad post’s


1/ create a bootable dos disk. Remove all files except, io.sys and msdos.sys (the system ones)
2/ download mtkflash 1.80 from
3/ Add MTKFlash.exe to the disk.
4/ Get JS07.BIN from
5/ Add this to the disk.
6/ Select the jumpers on your drive for master and remove all other drives.
7/ Boot to the floppy while holding the drives eject button.
8/ Type in MTKFlash 3 w /b /m JS07.BIN. The 3 is secondary master. See the step 2 site for details.

The drive can also have it’s IDE lead plugged in after the boot to DOS if the system hangs during boot up. Make sure you still hold the drives eject button while the drive is powering up.

sorry i meant JY02 or 3. besmirch’s code will work and thats the lite-on’s firmware. If you burn +R’s you might want to try that firmware but my understanding is that JY03 is better for -R’s. Lets just hope you get one to work :slight_smile:

If the drive string is corrupt (please quote it to see if it is really corrupt), you should replace your ide cable or put the drive as the only device on the IDE bus. Flashing the firmware with a bad communication line does not really make sense.

The cable is fine it worked on my tosiba prior to me putting these drives in. I will still verify though. I will take a pic of the post screen so you can see what i am talking about

you said you just brought, so better take it back to exchange to a
working one…!

Yup couldnt get the drive worsking so newegg willl be getting it back