Dead laptop drive?



I’ve got a nx6110 laptop and have had no problems burning dvds until a couple of weeks ago. Then clone dvd would run through the program and when it said is was finished . . . nothing on the dvd?


Can you read a DVD at all? IF not the drive may well be dead. If you have been doing a lot of DVD burning over the time you have had the laptop-it is not unreasonable to consider that the drive has actually failed. Can you burn CD’s without difficulty? Even if you can it is possible for the DVD Laser to have quit. It is possible that your burning applications are at fault in some way-try a complete uninstall/install of them and see if you can do a burn of files that you have on the machine. If that works it is possible that what you are trying to burn is protected. Last thing:To make sure that Windows XP and the drive are communicating-open Device Manager and see if the drive is listed correctly. If the laptop is reasonably new and has a warranty-call for repair. Or do what they may well suggest-try using the factory recovery disc.
That’s my 2 cents


I was having the same prob i could read dvd,s burn cd’s and play cd,s but when i burn a dvd nothin or the dam thing did not play It turned out that my drive was dead so news not looking good for ya sorry


Try to restore you laptop windows registry system to a month ago to see if there has been conflect in your registry for this probplem if that did not solved the problem you might consider to replacing your burner with new one.


Did you record this with any “Drag n Drop” software?