Dead hard drive how to test?

I have a old Western Digital Caviar 33200 which I believe is dead because it was not recognized by the computer. I have disconnected the IDE cable and powersupply to it and not used it in years. Is there a way to check whether it can be resuscitated ? tks

Hey SportFlyer

Don’t take this to the bank, but the problem you are experiencing may be as simple as changing the jumpers on the rear of your old HDD to “Slave” or “Cable select” position. Be sure there is no power to the computer, touch the case while the power is off, but the power cord is still plugged in, then unplug the power cord and proceed.

I had the same problem till my neighbor came over, called me a dumb s**t, moved the jumpers, and then laughed as it came to life.

Failing this avenue, I’d suggest you visit your local 'Puter shop. Circuit City and Best Buy both have experienced tech’s who have checked my stuff free when I visited. Hope this helps.


I fixed it. Probably due to stuck read head. I just shook it around a bit reinstalled it and away it went. However to my dissapointment it was such an old drive that it is only 3GB :frowning: What a disappointment ! Looks like I will look around for a slightly used 40G drive since this is not a critical application . The OS and programs are in the drive 0 .