Dead GSA-2164D

I bought this drive 6 weeks ago and its been working fine, but its just died for no reason. I was watching a movie, finished watching the film, took out the disc and left the computer. When i returned and tried to open the drive, nothing happened, and i also noticed the drive had vanished from My Computer. i have tried reinserting all cables, but the drive seems physically dead.

At least its still in warranty!

I forgot to ask if anyone else has encountered/heard of this happening, or if they had any idea of why it happened

It sounds like the drive is not getting any power. Check the power connector to the drive. The contacts of these are four metal rings which go around four metal poles on the drive itself. Sometimes the rings expand and come loose, resulting in bad contact. You can try using a spare power connector or a power connector from another drive to test if the drive works.

This is an external drive, so the only power lead is a standard transformer, and i dont have a spare, but i can get back to the shop tomorrow, and i have the receipt, so i see no reason why they wont give me a replacement

Sorry, forgot the 2xxx series is external. Yes, it does sound like something has gone wrong with the power circuitry somewhere in the drive and you’ll have to take it back to the shop.

I have the same problem and I think it is a common fault. It seems to be a faulty power supply and it has happend to me twice. Im on my 3rd burner now and about to take it back again because of this problem. I will get a refund as I am not impressed at all by this burner. :a

Can I ask both of you which country you are both in? I’m only asking because I want to know what voltage you are using there (115v/240v etc). If you are both using the same voltage, it is possible that people in parts of the world with a different voltage might have a different power supply and so may not experience the same problems.

i live in England, and like digler, i got a refund on this drive, i dont like products that die for no reason!