Dead DVR-108, DVR-109 poor choice?



My DVR-108 died. :sad:

I got it at Newegg, the 108 is no longer in stock so I was offered the DVR-109 as a replacement. After reading up here it seems that it may not be as good as the 108. Doh!

I don’t burn CD’s much, so I am not worried about CDR speed. I have another drive to rip, so rip speed isn’t important to me either. I mainly burn +R, and I will burn DL - I just ordered some discs before the burner died… What about no bitsetting? Does this mean I have to set the booktype every time I burn?

(I mainly use Nero, DVDdecrypter, and DVDshrink).


Hi :slight_smile:

I think bad stories with the Pioneer come from 1.17 firmware. People who flashed to 1.40 don’t seem to complain much. I don’t.

My only problem with the 109 is disappointing results with Verbatim DatalifePLus 8x media (MCC02RG20). They burn fine but PIE/PO erros are higher than expected with this media. Nothing to worry about, just disappointing, and I’d really love to have an explanation for this.

With all other DVD-R media I burn (TYG02, MCC03RG20, Ritek G04 & G05) I have outstanding results with the 109.

The other point to consider is CD-R, they don’t burn as well on the 109 than on other manufacturer’s burners. My 109 is very picky with CD-R media quality. As long as I feed it high quality CD-R, no problem, but it doesn’t like B-grade CD-Rs.

About bitsetting, as I only burn -R medias, I can’t help you, I have no need for bitsetting whatsoever…

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That’s cool, good to hear most of the problems are fixed with firmware.
I only use high-quality CDRs, I don’t burn much of them anyway.

Bitsetting, does that mean that I can burn +R still, if I set the booktype in the software?



If possible try and get NEC instead than DVR-109. The 108 was oki as far as I can tell from the stories here in the forum.

The DVR-109 seemd to have been rushed to the market, it suffers heavy from firmware problems and other things as well. Min for example was DOA :confused: And I have read a lot about the 109 in here.

Its better to wait for the DVR-110 (if that is what it’s going to be called, donno). But for now, get another 108 if you must have pioneer or go for a NEC (3520 or 3540). They seem verry good what I can tell in the forums, they had problems with the early models.

My first drive was a pioneer dvr-106 works like a dream, its just great but now that 4x media is fased out and 8x and 16x is produced I need a new burner.

You can’t (should not) but 8x or 16x media on a 4x burner or older, since it uses a different technic to burn the discs. And besides I want a better burner, newer technology etc :smiley:

If you get a DVR-109 with firmware 1.40 then I think its oki but still a bad drive from pioneer (106,107 was way better) not so many firmware problems and other issues.



If you get a 109 with 1.17 FW out the box, it may or may not burn CDR, thats from Pioneer to me on Telephone today, and my POS drive backs this up and no FW updates can fix it.


If you mainly burn on DVD media then the DVR-109 is one of the best choices.

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got both nec 3520 and pioneer 109 they both seem as good as each over to me


My Pioneer 108 is one of the best things I have ever bought, both for CD’s and DVD burns. I only use Verbatim and have not burnt a ‘coaster’ yet.


Agree with an earlier comment, most bad 109 opinions are from the first few weeks of the drive, but it’s been on 1.40 for months now, and you here few complaints. In fact, lots of praises for burn quality, as is expected from Pioneer hardware.