Dead DVD

I tried to upgrade my DVD:
Micro Advantage 16DDVDRW-A13
dowloded the f/ware from the micro site, ran it my pc locked
and I cant get my pc to reconize my DVD any more…
How can I get the firware redone? Or is it a paperweight?
The Tec guy says it should read a a Rico P loder, Icant get
him to realize that the drive will not boot aor anything… :a
Please any help or sugg…

Lotto :eek:

Check for hacked firmware that uses dos boot to load firmware. If there is one available for your drive, it could fix the problem. Not available for all drives or firmwares. Just google for firmware+dos flash.

What the …?
You made a post in the forum telling us you downloaded a firmware from the rpc1 database and ran it - then your drive went dead…

So, what is true and what a lie???

I found a program that may help, But How do I get my EXE file of firm ware to a BIN
file???Do I need to extract it some way?

thanks LOTTO

Use a tool like DISCINFO and post it’s summary output here.