Dead DVD-RW Drive Controller Board...I Think



So I don’t have an external DVD-RW Drive, I use an OEM Sony AW-Q170A (Internal Drive) and hook a USB -to- IDE controller to it. (The drive is 2 weeks old) Well, being the smart guy that I am, I was swapping out my hard drive with the DVD-RW Drive and I mis-aligned the pins…though it seemed tofit perfectly…and found out too late… now my compter won’t see the drive. When I plug the IDE controller into the DVD-RW drive, you can see the drive access light on the drive come on and a popup in the Windows taskbar says “Mass Storage Device”…and that’s as far as it goes. I’ve tried to get two different computers to recognize it, but to no avail. This drive doesn’t have a warranty, otherwise I’d send it back. Is there any way I can repair the logic board on the drive? If so what part needs replacing? Am I just screwed and have to oget another drive?


Your probably screwed, but you might as well open it up and see if it’s something stupid like a burned circuit trace just in case. I did something similar with 3 drives I had, one was a brand new $350 12x SCSI cdrw drive at the time and 2 SCSI hard drives, that was a very expensive power plug mistake…
Good luck…


Thanks. I looked inside last night and couln’t find anything burnt or out of the ordinary. I really wish Sony released schematics for their drives. Is there a hardware reset I can perform? I know Phlilips has a reset and a laser calibration feature that works by holding the eject button while inserting the plug.


Well I’m pretty sure you fried the board so I don’t think a reset will help and I have no idea if that drive has a reset function. You might want to see if it’s a rebadged drive or even try e-mailing their support, maybe they’ll sell you parts.
Even try e-bay for a broken unit with a good board but more then likely it’ll be easier and cheaper to just replace it. There wasn’t any obvious blown parts in my units either…