Dead drive?

I have a 3 years old LiteOn DVDRW LDW-411S. I’ve been trying to burn a Linux CD image but during the data verification stage, I keep getting read errors. I’ve noticed skips in some music CDs I’ve burnt as well. I’ve tried updating the firmware, using different brands of CDRs/DVDRs, using a CD/DVD drive lens cleaner… nothing helped.

Is this a sign that I need to replace that drive? Or is there anything else I can do to fix it?

Any help will be much appreciated! :bow:

Just burn slower, especially CDDA.

I used the slowest burning speed I can select from the burner software (4X when I used CDRWs), but I still got read errors… :sad:

You can try a lens cleaner, But that can cost as much as a new one.
I would just buy a new burner the net has many for under 30 bucks.

From your description I would say it is time to replace the drive. Newegg and others have some very nice deals. You get the latest drive for your money :slight_smile: