Dead drive?


i’m unlucky today. all of sudden my BenQ DW1655 somewhat died on me. it still recognises disc (though takes time), but when i try transfer rate check, it only reads it at 1x, quality check reports thousands of errors… in general it has a lot of trouble reading all the discs…

what could have happened? :frowning:

it actually never spins up to full speed either :confused:

reads CDs fine though…

"She’s dead. YOU killed her"

well thats not relieving… :frowning:

It’s been said that there are 2 lens in a DVD drive, one for reading/writing CDs and the other for DVDs. It could just be that the DVD lens got dirty, or, if it has reached its life expectancy, then it’s now a CD writer.

I’ve been trying to look for this drive for a long time now but to no avail. Maybe it’s time to consider another drive?

but i have this drive for like 2 months, and only burned like 50 discs with it… :frowning: