Dead Drive Or Can It Be Salvaged?

I was was trying to flash my 3550A to some of Liggy’s firmware, but my stupidity got the better of me and right after it dumped the firmware off the drive. Just so happens my computer crashes and then upon rebooting the drive doesn’t show up on my bios or Windows. All I’m getting is just a green light on the drive and it wouldn’t even respond to eject, is it due to the fact that there’s no firmware? Any ideas on how to save it or just buy another one? Feel free to stone me to death if I posted in the wrong place.

And what exact firmware have you flashed with??

I was trying to flash it with LD3550 1.Y6 RPC1 firmware, so at the moment I’m coming to a conculsion that the drive have no firmware on it, probably it crashed right after the dump on Binflash. Anyway I can put firmware back onto the drive even though its not detected though?

Normally not.
Really not detected by the BIOS, even on another computer?!?