Dead drive back alive (1004)

Just to share my experience:

I had a dead drive after a stupid mistake of me:
I made a bootable MS-Dos CD (!) because I don’t have a diskette drive.

I tried to upgrade the firmware with the CD in my DVD-RW :confused:
But off course this wasn’t a good idea and the drive went dead…

Let this be a warning to all of you!

To get the drive back alive I placed it inside another computer with a standard CD-ROM drive (CD-ROM set to slave en DVD-RW also set to slave but the IDE cable not plugged into the DVD-RW drive, just the power).

I booted the pc with dos DISKETTE :bigsmile: and let the CD-ROM drive detect…after that I plugged the IDE cable from CD-ROM intro the DVD-RW while it was running and I ran the upgrade program…it worked!!!

Hope you all learn a bit from this when you have a dead drive.

Would like to thank Marco also for his superspeed support. You don’t see this kind of support alot and I’m very satisfied.



P.S. I think i’m going to buy myself a diskette drive :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by rapt0rke
P.S. I think i’m going to buy myself a diskette drive :stuck_out_tongue:

:bow: This’ll teach you… :smiley:

Regards, Martin A