Dead DDW-081 after Flash :(



Just got a DDW-081 today. Installed fine and was working with default firmware.

Ran the b372 upgrade on it. Seemed to take a long time to complete and said it may have erroed. Rebooted and now the drive is not detected.

If I try and run firmware update program again it says “can’t recognize device”

Is there any way to recovery this or is the drive basically dead for good?


Any thoughts, comments, suggestiosn would be gretly appreciated. AS it stands now I have a paper weight. :sad:


Well got email back from Nu Tech and then said RMA it. Rather disappointing. Is there no way to recover this like some of the other drives via a DOS boot/flash?

Seems a bit worrisome if any time I need to flash a new firmware that I run the risk for having to RMA a drive.