Dead cd-rom, firmware needed

I have a dead cd-rom. Its a rebadged no name brand, but anyway, its a 56x and id like to be able to use it but it doesn’t work.

I can sit there and play with the tray all day long but windows xp and everything else cd-related tells me to insert a cd or there isn’t one etc.]here is the link that shows what drive i have, if anyone has this drive please be kind enough to read out your firmware and send it to me pleae.:bow: :bow: :bow:

Any help would be very apreciated.:bow: :bow:

Your “Aston” drive may be an AGI 56X CD-ROM Drive from the Aserton Group Inc.. Notice the similarity between Aston and Aserton. There don’t appear to be any firmware updates for this drive, but it probably wouldn’t fix it anyway. They just have the standard DOS drivers on their site.

Since your drive seems to be fairly new, maybe it is still under warranty. You might try contacting Aserton Technical Support and see if they will replace the drive. :wink:

well i shall try that and if it doesn’t work i will throw the damn thing from my car at 80 mph

You’re welcome.:cool:

thanks a million:bow: