Dead CD/DVD Drive?

Hey Guys and Gals,
I wonder if you can help me out here.

I’m trying to fix a laptop for my friend and it seems the CD/DVD combo drive isn’t responding to anything (not showing up on windows and has no power)
and the speakers are emitting a crackily noise that gets louder over time…

In my mind i think that it could be a problem on the motherboard that these both have happened at the same time but i wanna check if the drive is definately dead before i go about looking for motherboard problems.

Any ideas on how i can test it?
I opened the puppy up and there are no signs of damage or loose connections on the board or drive.

Hope you can help me…
The laptop is a HP Pavillion ze4800 if that helps with advice…
Thanks in advance…

Louis Russell

Buy an adaptor and connect it to an normal ide controller.

any other ideas to save me from spending money that could be used to get a new drive?

Buy from a retailer that accepts returns and return the adapter if in fact the drive needs to be replaced.

Unless you have another laptop to test, your options are very limited.