Dead Burner



I accidently unplugged and then plugged in my dvd burner to my PC while it was powered on. Is there a fix for this kind of shortage that has occured.


I opened it up on the circuit board right where the power source plugs into next to the ide connector there is this little burnt spot. it has like two solder points where a tiny black piece sits on that has shorted. i donno


@ GhzTek,

Just accept the fact that you made a mistake and purchase a new Drive. Unless you are a knowledgeable electronic tech and know EXACTYLY what you are doing you will be unable to repair your damaged Drive. Now days DVD Burners cost about 30 bucks. Suggest reviewing “The top 5 Optical drives of 2008” thread information on a replacement DVD Burner ->



yeah i know i thought this was a common screw up and maybe a simple fix.