Dead (Badly Flashed) NEC ND-4550. How to fix?

My brother stupidly messed around with trying to update the firmware of our NEC ND-4550. He must have put the wrong firmware on because now its stopped working. It doesnt open, doesnt display in Windows and an error comes up in the BIOS.

Is there any way of reflashing the correct firmware for it, or any other way to bring it back to life, or is it one for the “throwing out the window and see how many pieces we can smash it into” game.


What error?

Use binflash to reflash.

Switch off the PC. and restart. During the boot process, [B]repeatedly press the eject button until the drawer opens.[/B] Once Windows boots flash with a correct firmware. If this doesn’t work then the drive is dead and unrecoverable.

When I press the eject button before windows loads, the drive doesnt open. The error which briefly shows is “[B]ATAPI Incompatible[/B]”.

Any other things to try :frowning:

Dead cow.

Ah… it seems there is life yet. We managed to use a usb drive with some boot files on and reflash the drive. My bro did this somehow, so I’ll post it up soon. It now has a Mad Dog firmware on and is detected in windows, but the drive doesnt read.

Does anyone have a link to an original OEM firmware for it?