Dead AD-7173A?



[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7173A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi everyone, can someone help me with this problem?
I have an Optiarc AD-7173A wich doesn’t work anymore!

Yesterday i switched some components of my pc and i caught the occasion to clean everything, what i did with the dvd burner is take it out, open the door manually and clean it with compressed air and alchol for the outside. I mounted back my unit and now it doesn’t read any disc, i hear a clicking sound and it doesn’t display any data. If connected to power only it does the same.

I did more, i opened the case, checked if there was something wrong and cleaned the lens before closing up but no news.
The tray with the lens keeps going back and forth for a minute or so until it stops, no matter what i do.

It seems there’s nothing broken… i can’t see the laser light but i read it can be invisible so i can’t say.

After all it’s not that expensive to buy a new one but if possible i’d like to keep the one i have, it’s 2 years old and i didn’t use it often, plus it’s a present.

Thank you


No ideas?
If someone is in the know please tell me if it’s not repairable


Did you check your ide cable and make sure there are no bent pins on the drive itself (if you have another ide cable try that/ also check the mother board connection as well)


Hi, thanks for replaying.

There are no bent pins, however i tried it connected to power only, it does the same thing, even without disc it keeps on trying to read for about 30 seconds doing a cycling noise until it gives up.

It might be broken but it’s 2 years old and i didn’t use it that much, 1 week ago it was perfectly fine, the only things i did since then that could possibly have damaged the unit is open the door through the front hole, blow compressed air (gently) in the unit to clean it from dust and maybe start it in vertical position.

If this is enough to ruin an optical reader / writer i’d say they are very fragile.