Dead 8080B after firmware update :(

I got one dead LG CED-8080B after firmware update, bios doesn’t dtect him.I really need to repair that. I read about mtkflash is possible to flash dirve direc into IDE. I try to open original firmware *.lge file with mtkflash and no lucky. Does anyone have file flash in binary or hex for 8080B drive?


I don’t know that this drive is compatible with mtkflash, but if it is, try renaming the .lge file to .bin

yeah, i try that via mtkflashwin and it says “its wrong with file”. Dos mtkflash nothing do after enter command in dos prompt. I think this drive is compatible with mtkflash, i read older posts and ppl says they repair his drives with mtkflash :slight_smile: That’s my chance :smiley: Thx 4 answer