Dead 401s Newest Firmware J

sorry for me english

I need a original ee-rom table or bin-data because i lost my backup the 401 dont work but the orange-light is not flashing.

I now the calibration probs. with firmware from a other 401 but i wil trie it.

Then i will flasch it egan to 401@411

is something wrong with the liteonit homepage???
after download the 411 firmware my datas was erased…???

Please Help

Sorry mondeo2,
but this forum doesn’t allow you to ask for someone else’s eeprom and I am amazed that this thread hasn’t been closed by a moderator yet. CDfreaks takes the view (in my opinion anyway) that if you failed to make multiple backups to several different places eg floppy, CD, different HD, etc then you are on your own. Any modifications done to your drive are at your own risk there for if it fails, it is bad luck. :sad:

Now to make sure that it is an eeprom that you actually need what did you actually do, did you just flash your drive with the 411S firmware or did you attempt to modify the eeprom using the Zebra mod or some other modification.

The reason why I ask is that if you just flashed it with the 411S firmware we should be able to recover your drive. :smiley:

We can be careless. Especially with a forum this big. :wink:

That is partially correct. It is also to keep the forum from becoming flooded with such requests, it could end up killing this lovely little place :cop: