Dead 24102b, Need assistance

lately my Lite-On 24102b had been acting a little funny. When i would burn at 24x on any media, including 40x certified, the buffer would fluctuate horribly from 4% to 90%. On lower speeds like 16x or 12x the buffer would be stable but it all of a sudden got REALLY picky abotu what media it would successfully burn too. I decided this might be a firmware problem and decided to flash the firmware again. I dled the 5S5A windows flasher from Lite-On but i already had the 5S5A firmware so i couldn’t flash in windows. I extarcted the .bin file fron the .exe using a program i got from I booted to the A: with a PURE dos floppy made from a windows 98 box. I ran mtkflash “1” w /b 5S5A.bin (My 24102b was primary Master) and durign the flash MTKflash said it successfully flashed Bank 0, Bank 1, Bank 2 and then on Bank 3 it said Flash Completed please reboot your PC, so I did. My 24102b is recongnized correctly by my bios and Windows 2000 and i can even right click the drive letter that windows assigned to my 24102b and hit eject and it ejects the CD tray out. But when i put in any kind of CD, CD-R, CD-RW it reads it normally but if i try to access the info on that CD the LED blinks twice, stops for 3 seconds, blinks twice, stops for 3 seconds and then windows tells me to insert a disc into the drive. The problem is there is already a disc in the drive. I’ve tried using MTKflash to flash to FW 5S59 with teh same results. I also then used the windows flasher to flash from FW 5S59 to 5S5A and I still get nothing in explorer. If anyone has any advice or if this has happened to you please help me out.

AthlonXP 1600+
Iwill XP333-R v2.1 (ALi Magik 1c chipset)
Lite-On 24102b FW 5S5A (Currently DEAD!)
Lite-On (JLMS) LTD-163d FW GHR6
Maxtor 40gb ATA 133
WD 40gb ATA100 (JBOD___0)
WD 80gb ATA 100(JBOD___0)
768mb DDR PC2100 Ram

It seems that you are experiencing a similar problem to what I am experiencing.

See recent post "LTR-24102B CDRW Problem ".

I was running an old firmware (5s54) with no problems for the last year. I had a couple of recent problems with some cdr (mainly cheap stuff) but to help I thought I would flash to the recent firmware 5S5A. Immediately after flashing to this firmware my drive seemed F$%^&D. Same Problems. I tried to go back to 5S54 but it didn’t help. Long story short, look at the post…only the oldest firmware 5S04 works now …but at least it works…with no aparent problems.

After reading your post… I think that there is something up with firmware 5S5A…but funny nobody has mentioned anything earlier as this firmware has been out for awhile. Probably most already have at least 48x drives!

Thought I’d let you know you are not alone!

I flashed back to 5s54 and now it is doing liek yoru drive had been where i push in a disc and it just spits it right back out. Please email me the original Binary 5s04 FW to I’ll flash it back to the original FW and see what happens. I just want my old buddy to work again, I miss him :’-(. Thanks for yoru help.

Its been sent … hope it works!

The 5S04 FW didnt work but it did cause soem crazy stuff to go on. With the 5S04 FW flashed onto the drive the LED stays red like it’s burning. When the computer boots or when ever the LED is supposed to flash off green off green off green now it flashs red orange red orange red orange. THis is pretty weird and I don’t know what’s going on with my Litey. Some Pals over at said i should take it apart and try to clean it manually. I’m utterly stumped by this phenominon. I’m up for any more ideas any of you guys might have.

Are you sure that you didn’t use WSES -> Clear EEPROM?

yeah, im 100% sure i didnt use clear Eprom because that would result in a very dead drive. Ie flashed this and other lite on drives many a times and this is the first time a drive hasnt worked after a flash. My bios and windows can see the drive so if i had used clear eprom then my bios and windows wouldnt recognize the drive.

Isn’t there supposed to be a jumper switch you can set, or something, which will cause windows to see the drive as a regular “CDROM”, and you can flash it while in that state?