Dead 1640P

Thanks Philips/BenQ :flower:

Stuck on leadin for about 2 minutes or more then tried to burn as the counter ticked down to 0 minutes left halfway through the burn then ‘error’, did this twice then after a reboot the tray wouldnt eject, however the drive did flash back to official philips FW :wink: and was recognised fine but would only open via the emergency eject hole.

luckily i only had to nip into town for a replacement how long it lasts however is anybodys guess :doh:

That’s not good. I hoped the 1640 would end the sometimes premature deaths in the 1620 line I had read about. :frowning:

is the philips 1640 the benq 1640 or the 1620? in Mr Brownstones sig, it says Philips 1640 @ BenQ 1620.

Maybe it’s the Phillips 1640 crossflashed to a BenQ1620, now that I read more carefully. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder what’s the point of crossflashing a 1640 to a 1620? I thought they were completely different designs? I don’t get it. Is that supposed to work? Then, inversely, could i crossflash my 1620 to a 1640 and get those pristine TYG02 PIE’s? Lol.

A Phillips 1640 is not a Benq 1640 it is to all intent and purposes a Benq 1620 with a different front and in the case of the retail Phillips 1640 more lights), please read the above comments.

I have exactly the same Phillips DVR-1640P as the OP, flashing to Benq 1620 firmware gives me better burns on most media but screws the extra lights up.

Thanks for the clarification.

And, yes, I did read the above comments. Hence, my comments. Forgive my ignorance, but anyone who’s not familiar with the Philips line may have gone the thought path that I did as well.

In any case, it’s good to hear you found improvment cross-flashing to the 1620 firmware. Enjoy.

so far the benq 1640 seems to be less problematic than the 1620.

Hopefully Newegg has straightened things out with Benq and not dish out anymore lemons like they did with the 1620’s. I’d sure like to see Benq regain the respect they’ve lost through those 1620 owners who’ve had bad experiences. They make such great burners, it would be a shame if they couldn’t get their act back together. Let’s hope for the best. :slight_smile: