Deactivate video playback



Under xp-sp2, how can you deactivate the option of playing videos on a DVD reader while allowing the use of the reader for all its other uses such as reading files, installing programs, burning dvd’s, etc.

The fix should be applicable regardless of the Video playback program such as PowerDVD, etc.


I don’t see a real way of doing this without writing your own firmware, because playing is just one type of reading and the video is stored in files.

You could block playback of commercial region protected DVD Video by setting the drive region to something other than the local region, e.g. region 3 if you’re in region 2. You could even change the region the 4-5 times necessary to prevent further region changes by the user.

The user would still be able to use such a drive for playing region-free video titles, including all copied DVDs.


Yes and he could also use AnyDVD to play any region type DVD.


Disabling all MPEG2 playback codecs would be one way, though that would disable any MPEG2 content.



on a XP Pro system, this should work:

[li]put the user into the “restricted” user group, so he can’t install any software[/li][li]enable “Software Restricions” policy, this will only allow to execute software which is installed in “Windows” and “Program Files”[/li][li]remove the permissions to execute already installed playback softwares (WMP, PowerDVD whatever)[/li][/ol]