DE-Selection of additional files

Does anyone know what all of the files are that show 0 playtime?
Are these necessary for anything?

In otherwords, if I make a complete backup of my DVD with menus, and trying to increase the resolution by getting rid of non-essential files, I might uncheck Previews and Promotions, and the 0 playtime files without any problems? These do not effect the menu system or sound?

Speaking of sound, sometimes I notice a choice of AC3/6 or AC3/2 how do these effect my digital sound system just for a plasma without a home theater? Is there any reason to use the larger file? I understand there is a substantial size difference(which results in resolution change upon compression)

Wow in this vast group of knowledgeable people, I can’t believe that no one knows the answer(s) to this!

Perhaps its so simple everyone thinks I should know this, but I seriously can’t find this information anywhere in the FAQ’s.

Or perhaps I should have chose a different Topic Title?

Are you using CloneDVD2?
If so, the copy DVD titles (top) button will select movie only with the option to preserve menus.
This is a good choice for backing up to a single layer disk, as it minimizes compression.
The next window allows you the choices for for audio and subtitles. The list on the right are default settings, the list on the left are what has been chosen, and can be ticked to apply a setting that is not set as default, to apply to the current burn.
AC/6 is the audio selection you will want for your surround sound system. AC/2 generally consists of director’s commentaries.
Actually you can find this and a lot of other good info in the help section of CloneDVD2.
There are also a lot of good guides, and glossaries you can search out on CDF and After Dawn, that outline basic DVD backup, and terms.
Hope this helps…

sockeye, you didn’t answer his question at all.

if i can find a movie that does it nearby, i’ll post a screenshot. I honestly don’t know the answer.

he’s talking about when yo uhave your regular titlesets then there are like an extra 20 titlesets with 0:00 playtime and don’t seem to take up very much space, data-wise

(correct me if i’m wrong b2n! I’m nto trying to put words in your mouth)

personally I don’t think it’s the end of the worl dif you do away with those titlesets, but I also don’t think it’s a big deal to leave them…they take up next to no space. although i do know how it is to not want them there…even if they’re hidden. you should see how immaculate my hard drives are haha.

you can certainly remove the previews or features with no issues at all, and I’d venture to guess that these 0 playtime files aren’t some kind of trick by the movie industry to render the disc unplayable if removed.

i usually just leave them because these 0 playtime files generally only take up a few MB…nothing to freak out about.

all else fails, just try it!

Yes, I have seen these 0 play time files, particularly if you reprocess a file a second time with Clone. In my experience of these movies, selecting button 1 results with Clone not selecting these files, which makes for a working backup.
He seemed concerned with decreasing compression, and inquired about the need for AC/6 audio files, which is where I was headed in my post.
Hope I wasn’t two far off base.

sorry, i skim posts sometimes ::whoops::

i missed the part in his question about audio. it looked like your post was just a generic clonedvd2 tutorial to me, but you were in fact giving relevant info.

my apologies!

No problem reasons…hopefully we have helped him. :slight_smile:

Actually reasonsnotrules you were right on!

I was initially addressing the idea you stated. If I use copy entire DVD, then de-select the Previews, but leave in the BEST choices of outakes, deleted scenes, and directors comments, my idea then was why keeps the 0 files?

I have taken them out, but was unaware if there would be probelms or not. I have not experienced any yet. Therefore I was curious what the reason was to have them in there…

sockeye I appreciate your comments but not quite what I had asked. I have enough experience to get past the basics that you were trying to lead me through the screen choices, this (agreed) is simple enough to get in the help menus.

My secondary pointed question, dealt with the second screen and the audio file selection. I realize that the directors comments actually are identified in an entirely different area of the sound menu system on the right, this was not my question. I was addressing the difference primarily between the 2 and the 6 in the movie (non-directors comment area) for just a Plasma TV sound system - not the whole theater system required by the 6. It does reduce compression size by quite a bit, but not sure if I am sacrificing sound for a regular newer plasma.

Thanks to both of you for your comments…

as far as the sound goes, the director’s commentary and main movie are not allways correctly identified and differentiated.

AC3/6 is USUALLY a main movie soundtrack. AC3/2 is USUALLY director’s commentary, but that can and will vary once in a while.

don’t worry about DTS unless you have a DTS system.

if you do a search for director’s commentary in the clonedvd forum there are a number of threads that explain how to tell for sure what you’ve selected.

i always like to create files or an ISO instead of burning to a disc right away so i can double check to make sure my audio selections were right.

@ bn2wild :slight_smile:
Glad you got your questions sorted out, and I’m sorry I skirted around them. My intentions were to show you that button 1 doesn’t select the 0 playtime files, so they are not nessesary.
I guess it’s 6 of 1 or 1/2 dozen of another should you choose to use button 2 and remove some material, or use button 1 and add what you want on your backup. The end results are the same if you have the same boxes selected.
reasonsnotrules has given you good advice on the audio.
The AC3/2 choices on the left will not be identified as director’s commentary as they sometimes are on the right, but generally are in fact, just director’s comments.