DDW-163 Dead



I have a NU DDW-163 a rebadged Benq 1620 and it stopped functioning. I have had this burner for two weeks I flashed to Benq fiirmware and burned a couple peices of media. Well yesterday the drive stopped responding. Meaning the drive tray will not even open. The deal is I would like to flash it back to the oem firmware. How can I accompish this so I can send the drive back ??



If you wanted to keep your warranty, you shouldn’t have used a hacked firmware.


Try uninstalling the drive in the device manager and letting windows reaquire it. If that does not work open the case and check to make sure all the cables are hocked up properly. If no problem there, disconect the drives powercable (make sure computer is off) and reboot the computer. Then shut of the computer, reconnect the powercable and rebbot.


Did you try to use the DOS cvt flasher (or what is it called) from “Inofficial firmware” page (see thread above)?

BTW, to all others, yes he may have voided warranty, but after I saw what bad quality at least my BenQ was, I would understand him to flash back and get the drive replaces.

For me, this is a logical conclusion: As I often rant about, the European BenQ download site sucks. They still offer M firmware for Bulk and Retail. So I understand people going to US or whatever websites to get updates. BenQ was not able to tell me about their policy regarding firmwares and warranty. They were not able to tell me anything at all but “wait”. So I understand if someone just says “FU” to the support and helps himself - and I still think he has the right to return a faulty drive (as long as it was not his attempt to flash which destroyed it).

So RickDriver, while you may be legally right on that, I feel Viper is morally allowed to reflash the drive and if still does not work after that, to return it.

Viper, good luck!


Hi Viper999, and welcome to our forum.

Since you have been using an unofficial firmware for your NU DDW-163 converting it to a BenQ 1620, your warranty is voided - even if you go back to original firmware later.

We at CDFreaks.com don’t support this kind of actions, so we are not able to help you – Sorry!

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