DDW-081 PROBLEMS! Dual Format Firmware DOES NOT WORK



I got a DDW-081 drive. It was advertised where I got it as dual format, but it didn’t have a dual format firmware installed.

No biggy. I flashed it to the 370 firmware, but it still detects the drive as a 081 rather than a 082 and I cannot burn any DVD-R media.

The strange thing is the 360 firmware works, but it burns some coasters and I’d like to upgrade to newer firmware. The 360 changes the name of the drive to a DDW-082.

All other firmware makes the drive a DDW-081 and does not give it dual format ability.

Any suggestions? I’m about to RMA this dang thing.

Edit: I have tried versions 360,364,370,372. I have also tried flashing BX31 and BX32 before updating to the dual format firmwares. It doesn’t work.


the official topic and the solution of your problem is here:



umm…sorry ry, but im havin the same problems as Austin and the answer was not in that thread. Let me elaborate on the problem:

When upgrading f/w to B364 or higher, the drive DOES NOT change to a DDW-082, but instead stays as a DDW-081. Nero InfoTool says that the drive can now write DVD-R, but it does not recognize any blank DVD-R’s you put in it.

When upgrading to f/w B362 or lower, the drive DOES change to DDW-082 and DOES recognize blank DVD-R’s, but it burns nothing but coasters.

There is something with our (me and austin) hardware configuration and the B364/higher f/w thats not patching the drive properly to the DDW-082 platform…could someone please help with this?


According to Nu Tech. only 60% of the drives flash correctly.

I have since RMAed the drive and bought an NEC 1300a. Dang GameVe advertised the drive as a dual format when it is not.


so according to our experiences, our drives fell into the other 40%? damn…


Whoops, I should have said I bought an NEC 2500a, not 1300a.

And the 082 drives are the same as 081, but have been pre-tested to work.

So in reality, NOW, less 081 drives will work as dual format.

I’d RMA the drive if it was advertised as dual format. Or even eat a restocking fee to get a dual format drive.

Or just keep it as a + drive… It’s up to you I guess.

I bought 100 DVD-R discs and needed the drive to work for -R