Ddw-081 flashback



title is pun intended of course.
I bought a nu-global ddw081 a few years ago.
8x dvd burn, and cd in 1.5 minutes
no problems with flash to bx35, by nu-global for this drive.
I did not know how finnincky it was with cds and dvds until I gathered a pile of staples brand dvd-r and 50 dynex cd-r blank discs. the drive does not like them. From random posts and searching the web for 2 years now…
there is hacks all over the place including flashes. BX35 was the only winner for me, and if I stuck to cd+r and dvd+rw/r it seems to take these no problems.
I also found a bit setter, supposed to help, but I have no clue what to do with that.
What did anyone do for the cd-r or dvd-r to function?

p.s. recommendations for new drive aren’t necessary. My newest vid gadget is 8gb of data for 1hr 52 minutes, and am waiting for the blu-ray evolution to calm down before I change dvd drives (I do need more space). My cameras lwoest setting takes in 7hours at 8gb of data…
I’ll get a good pair up some decade, between my hardware scenarios :frowning:

thanks for advice