DDW-081 doesn't recognise CDR

Hi, maybe someone knows the answer to this? I have the NU DDW-081 for a while now, flashed it to DDW-082 and didn’t have problems, the drive burned CDR without any problems. Now, all of a sudden drive doesn’t recognize CDR media, only DVD discs (Plextor). I used TDK and Maxell CDRs but it keeps on saying “No media present”. Also used dvdinfopro, same story. Tried latest firmware but didn’t make a difference. System info: WinXP SP2 (<-- could that be the problem?), AMD Athlon 2800.
Any suggestions?? :confused:

It is possible that the CD laser has died…
How old is the drive?
You may have to RMA it.

Before taking such drastic measures, try the drive in another computer.