DDW-081 Bitsetting?

Yesterday I update my DDW-081 to B370 ( 8x DVD-R/RW support ).

I burn a DVD+R Arita at 8x com Nero
All ok. But DVDinfoPro and another tools recognize the disc with bitsetting DVD-ROM !! ( BookType = DVD-ROM MediaType= DVD+R)

Anyone had a similar result ??:confused:

The compatibility mode of Nero in the recorder options had set to DVD-ROM ???


That is normal. All DVD+R discs will now be written with booktype as DVD-ROM - which is a good thing as more readers will be compatible with the discs and some players will read the disc at higher speeds.

NU have a bitsetting utility on their page, that you may download and use if you do not want it to write DVD-ROM booktype discs.

Thanks !! :smiley:

BEH :frowning:

I never get to answer anything OC allways beats me to the punch :a , darn time consuming RMA drives :bigsmile:


There are rumors about the possibility of upgrade the DDW-081 to support write of dual layer.

Are they true ? are because the Nexperia Chipset supports dual layer after a “firmware update” ?

In Philips website refers Nexperia support of CD-RW 24x and dual layer.


What i heard sofar, the DDW-081/082 will not support Dual-Layer :sad:

:frowning: :sad: :a