DDump problem here

I tried making an image of NFS hot 2 with ddump, when i click on “start discdump” it asks me were i wanna save the image, then when i try to open the image(cuz it’s in winrar) well it gives me the following error :


C:\Documents and Settings\PC3\My Documents\Bruno\DDump\Images\NFS Hot 2.ISO
The archive is either in unknown format or damaged


Anyone out there could tell me if i’m suppose to burn this in a cd like that or what ??

Why are you trying to open the iso file? Just use fireburner to load from the cue sheet and burn using dao16 or dao96.

Btw, it isn’t a standard iso. It’s a raw 2352 image (i.e. the same as a bin file but with a different extension) which may explain your error message.


Hey, why dont you write a disc dump how to guide? you could call it " high fiber", for all those having a problem with their dumps"

hehe :bigsmile:

Errr, I already have. You’ll find it in this thread.