DDump error under WinXP

I am having an problem with DDump (and the frontend) in windows XP.

whenever I try to open the frontend (v1.4.1), it only shows the top movement bar and menus. The windows looks like it was cut off below the menu bar.

When I try to run DDump (v1.10), it displayes “Detecting appropriate Read_CD subcommand…” then gives the error:

The CD inserted in device 0:2:0 can’t be read.
Either it"s a blank or unreadable media, or this device is not supported.
DDump only works with “Read_CD” or “Read_CDDA” compatable drives.

That would make you think that the drives were not compatable. However, I cound use DDump with both of them under Win98.

I thought it was the ASPI layer, but aspichk showes ASPI 4.6(1021) installed correctley.

Any ideas?

(I have a Lite-On LTR-522462 and a LG GSA-4163B)

doesn’t work under xp


In the frontend readme file it says:

-= Disc Dump Frontend 1.4.1 - Win98/ME/NT/2K/XP version by ErazoR =-

I assumed that if the frontend was ment to work in XP, then DDump itself would. Seems rather odd…