DDR2 Settings?



Hi ,

I bought a New motherboard ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe and 2 x 1GB OCZ 240DIMM PC2-6400 DDR2 Gold OCZ Dual Channel Kit .

Does anyone know that basic settings to tweak to run the RAM at peak performance ?

Im used to DDR400 , Theres like 40 different settings to tweak if you want , and the manual is no help .



I’m pretty sure this is your exact memory. The best way to tweak your memory is to try various settings and use memtest to test for stability. http://www.memtest.org/

Simply download the iso image and burn to a CD, then run your computer from the CD. It should start stress testing your settings. Many people recommend letting the program loop for 12 hours to insure total stability.

Keep in mind that voltage kills, I wouldn’t run any DDR2 at volts higher than 1.9 without active cooling 24/7.


You cannot OC/tweak ram with only 1.9V. Many Manufac. rate their ram up to 2.2V with a lifetime guarantee.

For example ram that uses the micron D9 chips respond very well to higher voltages, but going past 2.2V is where they require active cooling otherwise their failure rate increases. Markuk26, I’m pretty sure your ram does not have the micron D9 in them.


You need to get the exact part number off of the package or the ram itself like this: 2GB Kit PN -[B] OCZ2G800R22GK [/B]
There are too many different types of OCZ gold DDR2. Most OCZ memory have EVP (Extended Voltage Protection) but you need to be sure the exact memory you have. Read this, although probably not your ram it is a lot different than this OCZ Gold 6400 Once you have the the part number you can go from there if you are looking to tweak.
This list will also help you to find out what chip is used in your memory.:slight_smile:


Hi ,

I see now , i was running the RAM @ 1.95 vDimm because on a similar board LanParty NF4 i have to lower to RAM vDimm to about 1.6 because the Alu heatsinks where heating up and my CPU Temp was about 28/30 NB was about 34/36 and the PCI Panel temps where i the 50/60s UNOVERCLOCKED CPU & RAM .

So i run my system 24/7 all year round , i need a system that wont overheat .

The RAM i bought has the Following details :-

OCZ PC2 6400 - 1 GB Dual Channel Kit - 2 x 1 GB Modules
Gold Revision 2
4 - 5 - 5

I keep getting this error at windows start Problem with RAM cant run @ 15 ???

You think this is becasue i have it undervolted ?

I also have 2 x 512 MB DDR2 667 A DATA ? You Think i could overclock them to run @ 800 along with the OCZ .

I know its a lot of questions but im far too used to AMD64 and DDR1 I read that my Motherboard has the most options of ALL AVAILBLE BOARD on the market to tweak RAM settings .

Anyway Intel Setup took about 40/50 times with COUNTLESS CONFIGURATIONS trying to get it to boot , AMD STARTED " FIRST TIME " .