DDR2 Ram?



I am currently building a new PC and am a little confused as to what speed DDR2 ram I can use. I have picked up the ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Mobo (975X Chipset) the Intel Core 2 E6600 processor and when I went to get the Ram I chose Muskin XP2 Extreme perfomance redline (nice tight timmings)the techy told my board does not support 1000 Mhz ram.:confused: Can someone clarify this for me as I am guessing that this ram is not backward compatible? I am thinking if the Muskin can run tight timmings at 1000 Mhz it will/may run even tighter @800 Mhz. Asus website is pretty much useless btw.
My second choice and third choice. TIA.


Apart for me wondering why you would shell out so much for a rather overpriced motherboard I’d say that you should go with PC6400 memory as they provide the best performance / price ratio.

NCIX have a really good price on a pair of Mushkin memory at the moment…



I really like your third choice the best crossq, it has a Lifetime warranty and 300.00USD is not bad for OCZ 2 GB.


Lifetime warranty --> As long as the product is available
Which can mean anything from 1 month to like 12 months (I doubt you’ll be able to get in 12 months though). NCIX provides 1 year warranty and Mushkin also provides “Lifetime”…
I have a vague memory of OCZ having some issues with SPD on earlier products but I might aswell be mistaken.


Thanks guys.:slight_smile: Yeah DiiZzy I have heard the same thing about issues with OCZ ram and that is why it’s my third choice. I would still like to know if anyone has tried 1000/1066 Mhz (PC2 8000) ram with the 975X Chipset.:wink:


Your motherboard doesnt support PC8000…



Have you considered Crucial?

Btw, most all major manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their RAM. I don’t know of one that doesn’t that I would use.


Thanks for the link dc3. I found my answer and yes PC2 8000 ram is compatible with this board. I will have closer look at Crucial.:slight_smile:


I dont know how to put it clearly, “Dual-channel DDR2 800/667/ 533” thats the official statement. Everything else is overclocking / on your own risk… PC 8000 = 1000 Mhz

Its not worth the extra money but that’s not my decision…


Yeah DiiZzY I understand that it’s overclocking and I really haven’t decided whether or not is is worth the extra cash. But it would be nice to know I can get higher O/C before I have to play with the dividers. Lot of difference in price between the PC2 6400 and the PC2 8000 though.:frowning: