DDR or DDR2 SDRAM for my Desktop?

Is DDR2 THAT much better than DDR?

I purchased two (2) sticks of Kingston Technologies 512MB DDR SDRAM Memory (KVR400/512R, PC3200/PC2700/PC2100) on sale for $30/stick after rebates a couple of weeks ago at CC.

Now the Kingston Technologies 512MB DDR2 SDRAM Memory (KVR533D2/512R, PC2-4200) is on sale for $35/stick after rebates.

My question: Is there enough difference in DDR and DDR2 that I should return the DDR and buy the DDR2? I’m buying hardware as it goes no sale so I’m in no real big hurry.

I’ve not opened the first memory and can return it easily.

It depends on what you’re going to get… (CPU/Motherboard)

u mean it has to be compatible with his mobo and cpu? i.e the mobo must be able to use the extra’ness of that type of ram?

The specifications are not compatible - one series of Intel chipsets supported both, and some motherboards may have been built with support for 2x DDR or 2x DDR2 modules.

In general, it is now:

  1. Current generation AMD (S754 / S939) - uses DDR
  2. Next generation AMD (Socket AM2) - uses DDR2
  3. Intel platforms (varies)
  4. New Intel chipset platforms (for dual core) - DDR2

The writing is on the wall for DDR.

As for “is it better” - yes and no. DDR2 can operate at higher standard speeds, but tends to have slacker timings. As yet, DDR2 has not shown a huge advantage, though a fully loaded dual core CPU can begin to tax the bandwidth of DDR.

If you’re thinking “Oh, DDR2 seems to be the way to go because I can use it for futher upgrading” then I’d recommend you to have in mind that all previous “entry level” memory sticks for new memory types have been proven useless for upgrading.
PC66 or DDR1600 anyone? :slight_smile:

Socket AM2 only gets going with DDR2 800 or faster (and that’s not available @ $35/512MB stick) :bigsmile:

@burnselk: DDR2 & DDR are [I]not [/I]interchangeable!

Point being that you will most likely need new RAM by the time you want to upgrade.

I’ll attempt to go with dual core and DDR2 then…I am in no big hurry to build the computer. I just want to build the best that I can afford.

Is this decent DDR2 for $80 plus shipping?

I need some advice before I buy. Thanks


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