Ddr 400mhz

Please can someone help me I want to but 2 512meg sticks of DDR 400Mhz memort for my Abit NF7-2 ver2 motherboard
Do I have to but 2 matched paris at the same time or can I just buy 1 single stick of DDR400 and then another in a week or two.



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Any 2 sticks of quality DDR will work fine. For that board, I’d suggest going the extra mile and getting PC3500. The diffence between matched and unmatched is tiny, if any. I highly recommend Corsair XMS. Next to the CPU, this is the one place you don’t want to cut corners.

twinmos is getting a lot of fame for their pc3200 sticks. they probably have the best price/performance ratio out right now. they perform just about as well as corsair, but for a much lower price.

in addition to ram, i wouldn’t cut corners on the mobo. i’d say it’s important not to cut corners w/ the cpu, but there’s not a lot u can choose from (pretty much only amd or intel). :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, matched pairs are not really different from single units of the same type. It does have to be the exact same unit, aka 2x CMX512-3200LL, not a CMX512-3200LL and CMX512-3200C2 (although thoose two happen to be very similar and just might work :stuck_out_tongue: )

As far as selecting ddr400, 433, 333, etc (PC3200, ~3500, 2700) Being in sync with your FSB is more dramatic to performance. Basicly, you want a nice 1:1 ratio. If you have an AthlonXP w/ a 333mhz FSB, DDR2700 will be faster. AMD will be releasing an FSB400 CPU soon, but as yet doesn’t exist. For most AthlonXP’s you will have a 266FSB. I doubt that PC2100 (?) will be faster than 3200 or 3500 though- the speed will eventually pay through. DDR533 :rolleyes: ? …(doesn’t exist, yet) So, ah, yeah…

Another note, Cas timings, etc. Hard to explain, especcially when you’re as stupid as I am. Ultra-simple is, lower is better. Has to due with more timing stuff, (refreshes to RAM / clock cycle). Always Cas2, no 2.5 BS. Other timings terminology could be 2-2-2-5, or 3.0/3-3-3-7 for worthless, before its time 3700 shiznit. Corsair is the best here right now, and comes pre-setup to give aggresive timings to the MB. I’m sure it’s barely better than Geil or TwinMOS, but I am unsure how much to have to tweek to get the performance that Corsair programmes in.